New dynamical behaviour of the coronavirus (COVID-19) infection system with nonlocal operator from reservoirs to people [post]

Haci Baskonus, P. Veeresha, D. Prakasha, Naveen Malagi, Wei Gao
2020 unpublished
The fundamental aim of the present study is to analyse and find the solution for the system of nonlinear ordinary differential equations describing the deadly and most dangerous virus from the lost three months called coronavirus. The mathematical model consisting of six nonlinear ordinary differential equations are exemplified and the corresponding solution is studied within the frame of 𝑞-homotopy analysis transform method (𝑞-HATM). Moreover, a newly defined fractional operator is employed in
more » ... ator is employed in order to understand more effectively, known as Atangana-Baleanu (AB) operator. For the obtained results, the fixed point theorem is hired to present the exactness as well as uniqueness. For diverse arbitrary order, the behaviour of the outcomes is presented in terms of plots. Finally, the present study may help to examine the wild class of real-world models and also aid to predict their behaviour with respect to parameters considered in the models.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:k43sp6xszzc6hp4ofzkhcrjpea