Thermodynamic modeling with uncertainty quantification using the modified quasichemical model in quadruplet approximation: Implementation into PyCalphad and ESPEI

Jorge Paz Soldan Palma, Rushi Gong, Brandon J. Bocklund, Richard Otis, Max Poschmann, Markus Piro, Yi Wang, Tatiana Levitskaia, Shenyang Hu, Hojong Kim, Shun-Li Shang, Zi-Kui Liu
2022 Zenodo  
The modified quasichemical model in the quadruplet approximation (MQMQA) considers the first- and the second-nearest-neighbor coordination and interactions, becoming one of the best models to describe short-range ordering in complex liquids such as molten salts, slag in metal processing, and electrolytic solutions. The present work implements the MQMQA into Python based open-source software PyCalphad for thermodynamic calculations using the CALPHAD approach. This endeavor facilitates the
more » ... ment of MQMQA-based thermodynamic database with uncertainty quantification (UQ) using the open-source software ESPEI. New database format XML (extensible markup language) has been proposed to extensively parse other standard database formats. Taking the KF-NiF2 system as an example, we demonstrate the successful implementation of MQMQA through thermodynamic calculations of, e.g., Gibbs energy, equilibrium quadruplet fractions, and phase diagram, using PyCalphad, as well as database development with UQ using ESPEI. The present implementation indicates that the open-source PyCalphad/ESPEI could provide an accurate alternative to perform CALPHAD modeling for complex liquids with short-range ordering, making the MQMQA more accessible to the broad community.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6476652 fatcat:a7v7kupfojdfdmoxplvkfvgkny