The unsuspected "bodyguards" of red blood cells

Gianluigi Zangari Del Balzo
2020 Zenodo  
Transferrin is a glycoprotein universally described as a "carrier" in the "iron cycle" between the organic deposits (ferritin and hemosiderin) and the sites responsible for hematopoiesis (bone marrow). An in-depth analysis of the structure and function of transferrin, accompanied by macromolecular dynamic simulations carried out by means of an advanced calculation system dedicated to the study of complex systems, has allowed us to understand an unsuspected "non-canonical" function of this
more » ... ction of this protein in the metabolism of mature red blood cells . In this work we offer a dynamic scenario showing this new function of the protein according to three steps related to its known conformational transitions. Author's Note This work is a relative and free-scale macromolecular dynamic simulation that we developed as part of the research for the COVID-19 pandemic. We chose Transferrin because the configurations of this protein lend themselves well to these simulations. The environmental boundary conditions are based on the main actions and functional activities of the protein. The result is an algorithmic model that reveals a possible "non-canonical" function of Transferrin, which has a conformational probability index greater than 90%, much higher than the other simulations conducted with the proteins studied in the COVID-19 pandemic. If this new function is confirmed, we may have a valid algorithm to be used in the fight against the COVID-19 Pandemic.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3984785 fatcat:ba2zvwq35nhazoauuquctmagoa