The Classification of Stunted Projective Spaces by Stable Homotopy Type

S. Feder, S. Gitler
1977 Transactions of the American Mathematical Society  
A complete classification of stable homotopy types of complex and quaternionic stunted projective spaces, denoted by CPnk and QPnk respectively, is obtained. The necessary conditions for such equivalences are found using Ä-theory and various characteristic classes introduced originally by J. F. Adams. As a by-product one finds the /-orders of the Hopf bundles over CP" and QP" respectively. The algebraic part is rather involved. Finally a homotopy theoretical argument yields the constructions of
more » ... he constructions of such homotopy equivalences as are allowed by the fulfillment of the necessary conditions.
doi:10.2307/1997492 fatcat:rotpsbebnfdwliucgwydyljage