Experimental investigations of elastic-plastic strain states on various stages of material plastifying

Barbara Kozłowska
2016 Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics  
In the paper, the possibility of application of various experimental methods to the analysis of elastic-plastic states at different levels of material plastifying is presented. For tests carried out on two-dimensional elements with different stress concentrators and loaded by tensile stresses, three experimental methods have been selected: Moiré method, method of photoelastic coating and the thermography method. On the basis of the tests results, the range of the applicability of chosen methods
more » ... y of chosen methods and their suitability to the elastic-plastic strain analysis at the development of material plastifying has been determined. The strain components distribution obtained from the Moiré method and the method of photoelastic coating has been compared. The possibility of increasing the accuracy of strain determination for the Moiré method by additional tests at the grid rotated by an angle of 45 • with respect to the direction of tensile stress has been shown. The results of the investigations have been discussed.
doi:10.15632/jtam-pl.54.2.489 fatcat:jcaoz53ghra63o6latc4rd4h4q