Research on the Logic, Dilemma and Strategy of Undertaking Industrial Transfer in Underdeveloped Areas

Qin Wu, Xingyuan Wang
2019 Open Journal of Social Sciences  
The economically underdeveloped regions have improved the economic efficiency by accommodating industries in economically developed regions, and have absorbed the employment of residents. This is an important path for economic transformation in economically underdeveloped regions. In economically underdeveloped areas to undertake industrial transfer, it is necessary to give play to the advantages of resource endowment in backward regions. It is necessary to realize technology introduction
more » ... introduction through industrial undertaking, and it is necessary to accelerate the cultivation of local market entities. So as to truly utilize the resource advantages, technology advantages and talent advantages brought about by industrial transfer, which is the logic for undertaking economic transfer in economically underdeveloped regions. At present, in the process of undertaking industrial transfer in economically underdeveloped areas, there are some scientific difficulties such as lack of scientific programs to undertake industries, neglect of technology introduction in industrial transfer, and low participation of local market participants. Therefore, economically underdeveloped areas should combine regional resource endowments to formulate scientific industrial undertaking plans; at the same time, backward areas must strengthen the introduction of industrial technology, attach importance to the promotion of industry, schools, and research institutes; and the level of local participation encourages local companies to participate in the transfer of industries.
doi:10.4236/jss.2019.712007 fatcat:aqexrbwo5jhmzaprx2tc6gl3hm