The Republic of Macedonia and Balkans during the refugee crisis

Nikola Kiskoski
2017 Security Dialogues. Journal in the field of Security, Defence and Peace Studies  
At a time of mutual tolerance and shortening the procedures for free movement of people and maximum respect of the human rights, we face the challenge of the refugee crisis, where contrary to the above, we must build a fence in order to protect the country's territory and prevent the human rights violations. The national security is the basis for the successful development and survival of a state, as well as a guarantee for the realization of personal and collective security. A series of
more » ... A series of measures and procedures must be appropriately planned and implemented in order to protect the state from the challenges and threats of modern times such as asymmetric threats, terrorism, especially dealing with the refugee crisis. The measures and procedures which will be implemented must be consistent with the existing laws and respect the human rights, and they should be implemented by relevant state institutions. The decision to use and provide special measures and procedures for protecting and dealing with the refugee crisis must be made by state officials and comply with regional security. It is very important for the crisis management to be lead by professionals within its appropriate institutions and the cooperation must be on a regional level. We need to analyze the refugee crisis in the Balkans and to anticipate the direction in which this refugee crisis will develop in the future.
doi:10.47054/sd1720133k fatcat:swycumqpnnd7bp7hnx4qqkpu7u