The design of children's interesting seat

Fangmin Yuan, Yan Zhang
2018 Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Advances in Social Sciences and Sustainable Development (ASSSD 2018)   unpublished
With the improvement of people's living standard, more and more modern parents are care for their children, and many families will buy special seats for children. But currently market of children's chair mostly belongs to the adults smaller version of the chair, not on the physical characteristics and psychological needs of children, so children cannot meet the special demand for the seat. This topic "little worm" children's interesting seats from the perspective of children, taking
more » ... " as a bionic object, in the seat above the basic function of "sit", combined with the child's life and entertainment, for their designs a seat products, rich in interesting for children to build a completely relaxed and free game niche of body and mind, to make it healthy and happy growth. Ⅰ. Market research and analysis of children's fun seats. 1.The characteristics of the existing children's toys on the marketofChildren's fun seat market overview. Children's fun seats on the physiological and psychological characteristics of children as the center, games, interactive and practical functions in one of the seat design, to let the children in the process of using the seat be happy feelings, create a relaxed environment. Although has children furniture zone in each big furniture market, but its selling children's seat is generally not for children to carry on the design and manufacture of specialized, fusion of interesting elements seat little children, mostly on the basis of adult seat narrow size, simple coated with too much colorful appearance, even directly rough picture on TV cartoon image of the commonplace. The model is borrowed from each other and copied, resulting in a very high appearance of children's seats in the market. 2.3-6 characteristics of children. Age 3-6 is a critical period for the rapid development of children and is also the most active period of behavioral activities. Curiosity about the outside world is also the peak period of creativity and imagination, which requires a large space to exert their unrestrained thoughts. Seats for them more like to use as a toy, so entertaining and should be considered on seat design freedom, can use bright color, on colour can let children feel very cordial, give them full of tong qu imaginary space. Ⅱ. Research summary and design positioning.
doi:10.2991/asssd-18.2018.83 fatcat:2a5ufkry7jfstghpgtppnklcm4