Wild Spain ... records of sport with rifle, rod, and gun, natural history and exploration by Abel Chapman and Walter J. Buck. With 174 illus., mostly by the authors [book]

Abel Chapman, Walter John. Buck
1893 unpublished
Successors to Mr. Van Voorst) 1893 PREFACE. IX photographs or from rough sketches m pen-and-ink and water-colours by the authors, whose only merit lies in their essaying to represent in their native haunts some of the least-known birds and beasts of Europe, several of which, it is probable, have never before been drawn from the life. If some of these sketches are not as satisfactory as we could have wished, the difficulties under which they were produced may serve as some excuse. are also
more » ... use. are also indebted to Miss M. E. Crawhall for several sepia-drawings made by her in Spain. It had been our intention to append a list of the birds of Spain, with their Spanish names and short notes on each species ; but this we find would exceed our limits, and moreover the blanks and "missing links" still remain so numerous that we have abandoned-or at least deferred-that part of our programme. This may explain a certain want of continuity or coherence, in an ornithological sense. We are indebted to Lord Lilford and to Messrs. J. C. Forster and Ralph W. Bankes for several valuable notes and assistance, also to Admiral Sir M. Culme-Seymour for photographs taken in "Wild Spain"; while we cannot sufficiently express our gratitude to Mr. Howard Saunders, who has in the kindest manner gone through the proof-sheets, and whose long experience and intimate knowledge of Spain have been most generously placed within our reach. For any serious mistakes which may remain, the authors must be solely responsible. December 31s^1892.
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