Small animal imaging using a curved array photoacoustic tomography system

John Gamelin, Andres Aguirre, Anastasios Maurudis, Fei Huang, Diego Castillo, Lihong V. Wang, Quing Zhu, Alexander A. Oraevsky, Lihong V. Wang
2008 Photons Plus Ultrasound: Imaging and Sensing 2008: The Ninth Conference on Biomedical Thermoacoustics, Optoacoustics, and Acousto-optics  
We report experimental imaging results with mice using an array-based photoacoustic tomography system designed for small animal imaging. The system features a 128-element curved transducer array with stage rotation to enable complete two-dimensional tomographic imaging in less than 15 seconds. High fidelity imaging of ex vivo mouse brain vasculature was achieved with resolution of vessels less than 200 microns in diameter in the cortex as well as the cerebellum. Images obtained using varying
more » ... surement surface angular spans clearly illustrate the impact on feature definition with orientation. The high sensitivity of the system was demonstrated by images of the brain vasculature with an overlying turbid medium (µ a =0.03 cm -1 and µ s ~7 cm -1 at 780 nm) of over 2 cm depth. In phantom experiments, high-quality images of blood tubing in a turbid medium were achieved at depths greater than 3 cm for incident fluences of less than 15 mJ/cm 2 . These results illustrate the suitability for near real-time small animal imaging of deep tissue with high definition.
doi:10.1117/12.769238 fatcat:ixee3ynmmbe25mz32k5kqw5b4m