Clinical manifestations of hepatitis a virus infection in Kyrgyzstan children

Mohammed Khorshed Alam, Mamasaidov At, Mohammad Sultan Akbar, Mohammad Billal Hossain
2018 KYAMC Journal  
<p><strong>Background</strong>: Acute hepatitis is one of the more common causes of hepatitis A virus (HAV). Humans appear to be the only reservoir for this virus. Clinical manifestations, and natural history of hepatitis A virus. The relative frequency of hepatitis A virus in Western country.</p><p><strong>Objectives</strong>: Hepatitis A infection developing countries where sanitation is still a public health issue. In Kyrgyzstan, there is no epidemiological data on children for this
more » ... n for this infection.</p><p><strong>Materials &amp; Methods</strong>: A community based cross sectional study was carried in occurs around the southern city of Osh (Osh region) state in Kyrgyzstan in one of the smaller country central Asia. Total 260 children aged 1-18 years. Blood samples were analysed for anti-HAV total antibody (IgM and IgG) using a ELISA.</p><p><strong>Results</strong>: One hundred and forty four subjects tested positive for anti-HAV total antibody giving a prevalence rate of 55.4%. The median age for those positive was 9 years and for those without evidence of HAV infection was 4 years. 65 (45.1%) males and 79 (54.9) females were positive. The study population was mainly of the low social class with 94.1%.</p><p><strong>Conclusion</strong>: In the study population was HAV infection. Educational campaign is imperative and vaccine provision is advocated to further curb the spread of this infection.</p><p>KYAMC Journal Vol. 9, No.-2, July 2018, Page 73-75</p>
doi:10.3329/kyamcj.v9i2.38152 fatcat:gg6zyznh5nhtjoorl44gxpgbai