A novel evaluation framework for energy losses in low voltage distribution grids

Chenije Ma, Universität Kassel
Decentralization of energy generation in power distribution systems is recognized as an important development strategy to incorporate more small-scale renewable sources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase energy efficiency. Beside integrating more decentralized generators into existing systems, an efficient system operation is equally important to achieve an overall sustainable energy system. In order to keep track of upcoming changes regarding system efficiency, an accurate
more » ... accurate determination of energy losses in distribution systems is a fundamental step. Therefore, a novel evaluation framework for energy losses in the low voltage grids is developed in this thesis. First, a loss evaluation approach based on a comprehensive assessment of grid features and an advanced reference grid modeling scheme is proposed. Second, a new analytical indicator is introduced for fast estimation of the grid losses under the impact of the installed distributed generators. For distribution system operators, this new evaluation framework demonstrates a practical and technically validated solution, which can be used as an alternative method to the existing approaches regarding the loss evaluation. Applying this comprehensive evaluation framework for energy losses at a large scale can support grid operators to understand the origin of losses and further development trends. The technical progress of energy losses evaluation can greatly contribute to improve energy efficiency and sustainability of current distribution systems. i List of Acronyms ADM Active distribution system management ALI Annual energy loss indicator ANN Artificial neural networks CEER Council of European energy regulators CIRED International conference and exhibition on electricity distribution DG Distributed generation DR Demand response DSO Distribution system operator DT Decision trees EED Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/27/EU ESM Energy storage management ESS Energy storage system EP Evolutionary programming EU European Union EV Electric vehicle GA Genetic algorithms HC Hierarchical clustering HV High voltage iii LSF Loss Factor LV Low voltage MINLP Mixed integer nonlinear programming MV Medium voltage OLTC On-load tap changer OPF Optimal power flow PCA Principal component analysis PSO Particle swarm optimization PV Photovoltaic RES Renewable energy sources RGM Reference grid modeling SGM Synthetic grid modeling SLP Standard load profile SPCA Supervised principal component analysis SVM Support vector machines iv
doi:10.17170/kobra-202008131566 fatcat:syd3zvi4yndkhojjikbtdienhi