Multiagent Deontic Logic and its Challenges from a Normative Systems Perspective

Gabriella Pigozzi, Leendert W. N. van der Torre
2017 IfColog journal of logics and their applications (FLAP)  
This special issue contains the journal version of four contributions to the Handbook of Normative Multi-Agent Systems (NorMAS), which will appear at College Publications. The NorMAS initiative aims at providing a comprehensive coverage of both the state of the art and future research perspectives in the interdisciplinary field of normative multi-agent systems. It is meant to be an open community effort and a service to current and future students and researchers interested in this field. We
more » ... ite the readers to buy the forthcoming handbook for a full view. Please visit the website for more information and feel free to send us comments, suggestions and proposals: The articles in this special issue and the chapters in the handbook give a survey of the area and may also contain a more personal view. For the survey part, at least the work reported in the NorMAS conference series is discussed. Instead of just a historical overview, the authors also address new developments, open topics and emerging areas. The handbooks appeal to all disciplines, including logic, computer science, law, philosophy, and linguistics. The articles in this special issue reflect the development of the logical analysis of normative multi-agent systems theory during the last two decades, with a special emphasis on the role played by deontic logic and normative systems. More information can be found in the handbook on deontic logic and normative systems, or the website In the first paper of the issue, Pigozzi and van der Torre give an overview of several challenges studied in deontic logic, with an emphasis on problems of multiagent deontic logic and problems related to normative systems. Fifteen challenges for multiagent deontic logic are considered, even though such list is by no means final. The three central concepts in these challenges are preference, agency, and norms.
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