Screening of the Au:Pt Atomic Ratio Supported in SrCO3: Effects on the Performance of the Solvent-Free Oxidation of Benzyl Alcohol

Francisco Batista, Itaciara Melo, Laíse Pereira, Alexia Lima, Ali Bashal, Jean Costa, Janildo Magalhães, Francisco Lima, Carla Moura, Marco Garcia, Edmilson Moura
2019 Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society  
We have prepared, by a sol-immobilization method, bimetallic catalysts with different Au:Pt atomic ratios supported on commercial SrCO 3 . The catalytic performance for the oxidation reaction of benzyl alcohol of such materials was compared to the monometallic counterparts, aiming at the obtaining of the best composition of the material. It was found that the Au:Pt atomic ratio presents a remarkable effect on the system performance, i.e., Pt-rich systems are more selective; however, less
more » ... owever, less active. Thus, an equilibrium related to the activity and selectivity of the system was obtained by considering the yield of the system. Also, some density functional theory (DFT) insights were obtained by using a cluster of 14 atoms of Au and 1 or 2 atoms of Pt. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, elemental mapping in scanning transmission electron microscopy before and after catalyst usage, flame atomic absorption spectroscopy, Rietveld refinement, among other techniques, were used and associated to the experimental data, which allowed us to propose a catalytic mechanism for the system, which was important since SrCO 3 has not been considered before as catalyst support for alcohol oxidation reactions.
doi:10.21577/0103-5053.20190207 fatcat:mjffmtc5hfbuxmgfkobsf646m4