Crystal structure, spectroscopic measurement, optical properties, thermal studies and biological activities of a new hybrid material containing iodide anions of bismuth(iii)

Saida Ben Ali, Amal Feki, Valeria Ferretti, Moncef Nasri, Mohamed Belhouchet
2020 RSC Advances  
A novel halogenobismuthate(iii) organic–inorganic hybrid material named bis(4,4′-diammoniumdiphenylsulfone) hexadecaiodotetrabismuthate(iii) tetrahydrate, (C12H14N2O2S)2[Bi4I16]·4H2O, has been prepared by slow evaporation at room temperature.
doi:10.1039/d0ra05646d fatcat:ehco56qlvfhynb6oizoqypnceu