Generation of Multiple Pseudo Bessel Beams with Accurately Controllable Propagation Directions and High Efficiency Using a Reflective Metasurface

Haixia Liu, Hao Xue, Yongjie Liu, Long Li
2020 Applied Sciences  
In this paper, a generation method procedure based on a reflective metasurface is proposed to generate multiple pseudo Bessel beams with accurately controllable propagation directions and high efficiency. Firstly, by adjusting the miniaturized unit cell of the reflective metasurface to modulate the electromagnetic waves using the proposed method, some off-axis pseudo Bessel beams with different propagation directions are generated. Then, by achieving the large-angle deflection and comparing the
more » ... results with previous existing methods, the superiority of the proposed method is demonstrated. Based on the generated single off-axis pseudo Bessel beam and the superposition principle of the electromagnetic wave, a reflective metasurface with 47 × 47 elements is designed and fabricated at 10 GHz to generate dual pseudo Bessel beams. Full-wave simulation and experimental measurement results validate that the dual pseudo Bessel beams were generated successfully. The propagation directions of the dual pseudo Bessel beams can be controlled accurately by the reflective metasurface, and the efficiency of the beams is 59.2% at a propagation distance of 400 mm. The energy of the beams keeps concentrating along the propagation axes, which provides a new choice for wireless power transfer and wireless communication with one source to multiple receiving targets.
doi:10.3390/app10207219 fatcat:gr5borhshfcnzchz3edzlnae64