Spatial distribution of coefficients for determination of global radiation in Serbia

Jugoslav Nikolic, Djordje Nikolic
2012 Nuclear Technology and Radiation Protection  
1 Re pub lic Hy dro-Me te o ro log i cal In sti tute of Ser bia, Bel grade, Serbia 2 Geo graph ical In sti tute "Jovan Cviji}", Ser bian Acad emy of Sci ences and Arts, Bel grade, Ser bia 3 Fac ulty of Ecol ogy and En vi ron men tal Sci ences, Uni ver sity Un ion -Nikola Tesla, Bel grade, Ser bia Sci en tific pa per The aim of this pa per is a cre ation of the spa tial dis tri bu tion of the cor re spond ing co ef fi cients for the in di rect de ter mi na tion of global ra di a tion us ing all
more » ... a tion us ing all di rect mea sure ments data of this shortwave ra di a tion bal ance com po nent in Ser bia in the stan dard cli mate pe riod . Based on the global ra di a tion di rect mea sure ments data re corded in the past and rou tine mea sure ments/ob ser va tions of cloud i ness and sun shine du ra tion, the spa tial distri bu tion co ef fi cients maps re quired for cal cu la tion of global ra di a tion were pro duced on the ba sis of sun shine/cloud i ness in an ar bi trary point on the ter ri tory of Ser bia. Be sides, a spe cific ver i fi ca tion of the pro posed em pir i cal for mula was per formed. This pa per con trib utes to a wide range of prac ti cal ap pli ca tions as di rect mea sure ments of global ra di a tion are rel a tively rare, and are not car ried out in Ser bia to day. Sig nif i cant ap pli ca tion is pos si ble in the do main of re new able en ergy sources. The de vel op ment of method for de ter mi na tion of the global radi a tion has an im por tance from the as pect of the en vi ron men tal pro tec tion; how ever it also has an eco nomic im por tance through ap pli ca tions in nu mer ous com mer cial pro jects, as it does not re quire spe cial mea sure ments or ad di tional fi nan cial in vest ments.
doi:10.2298/ntrp1203254n fatcat:pcngddycqvddtcmjkgvlbhi7we