Mikor élt a Buddha?

Katalin Lakos
2015 Belvedere Meridionale  
There are three basic dating schemes for the determination of Buddha's historical dates: (1) "the long chronology", (2) the "corrected long chronology", and (3) the "short chronology". This article analyses the three traditional theories. Each of the theories has some persuasive arguments, yet each has serious problems. Which, if any, should we believe and how could one of them affirm any conclusion? It was this dilemma that framed Heinz Bechert's symposium in Hedemünden near Göttingen between
more » ... Göttingen between the 11 th and the 18 th of April, 1988. The only way to determine the dates of Buddha's life seems to be the examination of indirect evidences, the analysis of economic and cultural milieu in which Buddha's religious movement started and the consideration of the archaeological evidence. However, the available sources do not allow an exact reconstruction of the date of Buddha, because there is no convincing evidence whatsoever of reliable chronological information preserved in India before Alexander's campaign. Therefore the dating of the historical Buddha is still an open question.
doi:10.14232/belv.2015.4.8 fatcat:ggpfswxwu5apfgbnroiz6abpru