Study VI: The First Conflicts. Mark 2:23-3:6

1888 The Old Testament Student  
e. g.: Questions are raised in the course of the work of Jesus about his right (1) to forgive sins, (2) to associate with publicans and sinners and (3) to refrain from fasting. He answers the first by working a miracle of healing; the second, by the declaration that his mission is to call sinners; the third, by showing that fasting is not suited to the spirit of his disciples and would only injure their religious life. V. The Material Applied. FASTING. 1. The spirit and purpose of fasting as a
more » ... se of fasting as a religious exercise. 2. Its relation to the Christian life; 1) regarded as foreign to the spirit of Jesus, 2) allowable and desirable in certain circumstances, 3) the great condition which regulates its use (vs. 19,20)-relation to Jesus Christ, 4) limitation of its practice, e. g. by health, duty, personal feelings, etc., 5) dangers both physical and spiritual in its exercise, 6) its relation to the religious needs of the present day. STUDY VI.-THE FIRST CONFLICTS. MARK 2:23-3:6. Besume. 1. Recall the occasions on which Jesus began to encounter opposition. 2. Mention the persons from whom it came. 3. Note the teachings of Jesus which were likely to arouse it. I. The Material Analyzed. Read carefully Mk. 2:23-3:6, and be able to make a definite statement concerning each of the following points: 1. Disciples pluck grain in the fields 4. Jesus in the synagogue (ch. 3:1); on the Sabbath (v. 23); 5. Pharisees watch him (v. 2); 2. Pharisees question (v. 24); 6. a withered hand healed (vs. 3-5); 3. Jesus replies (vs. 25-28); 7. plots against Jesus (v. 6). II. The Material Compared. 1. With 2:23-3:6, cf. Mt. 12:1.14; Lk. 6:1.11. 2. Observe additional points: 1) explanatory, Mt. 12:1,9,10,13; Lk. 6:1,6.8,11; 2) characteristic, Mt. 12:6-7; 3) another argument, Mt. 12:11,12. 3. Review the order of events in Mk. 2:1-3:6, and note how Matthew follows a different order. Cf. Mt. 9:18-11:30.
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