Hyperinsulinemia in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Dr P. Lekshmi Ammal, Dr S.Krishnadas
2017 Journal of Medical Science And clinical Research  
Polycystic ovary syndrome is one of the most common endocrinopathies affecting 4.7% of women in reproductive age group contribute to a major share of anovulatory infertility. It is more prevalent in South Asian Women than in Caucasians though it can prevail in women of any ethnicity. PCOS is associated with 75% of anovulatory infertility. Even if they conceive, they can have very high pregnancy loss rates. The primary defect in PCOS may be insulin resistance leading to hyperinsulinemia and
more » ... nsulinemia and abnormal glucose tolerance which is present in 60 -70 % of PCOS women. Understanding the role of insulin resistance in PCOS has led to the successful use of insulin sensitizing drugs in the treatment of this syndrome. Objective: To study the prevalence of hyperinsulinemia and abnormal glucose tolerance among women with PCOS and to study the relationship between hyperinsulinemia and abnormal glucose tolerance, obesity, hyperandrogenism, acanthosis nigricans, infertility, gonadotropin profile and ovarian ultrasound morphology. Materials and Methods: It was conducted as a prospective observational study. All patients diagonised of PCOS based on the ESHRE -ROTTERDAM revised consensus 2003 were included in the study. Patients with hyperandrogenemia due to other causes were excluded. A detailed history, examinations, ultrasound, oral glucose tolerance test, fasting insulin etc were done. Data analysis was performed using SPSS 16. Results: The prevalence of hyperinsulinemia among PCOS patients was found to be 47.7%.in PCOS women hyperinsulinemia patients were found to have higher BMI, FI and lower FBS: FI compared to nonhyperinsulinemia women. Conclusion: PCOS has an increased prevalence among obese women. Many women with PCOS are likely to have hyperinsulinemia, the earliest marker of insulin resistance and increased central fat distribution.
doi:10.18535/jmscr/v5i5.14 fatcat:gly5qn3mgfhr5gm5llpjlkns4q