Swirled Jet Flame Simulation and Flow Visualization Inside Rotary Kiln—CFD with PDF Approach

Elattar, Specht, Fouda, Rubaiee, Al-Zahrani, Nada
2020 Processes  
CFD (computational fluid dynamics) simulation using a commercial package (Fluent-ANSYS) on industrial rotary kilns using annulus-type burners and methane gas was carried out to examine the characteristics of the flame length and flow visualization. New influencing design and operating parameters—primary air swirl number, primary air inlet annulus diameter, and secondary air temperature—were investigated and discussed. The influence of these parameters on axial temperature distribution, axial
more » ... tribution, axial mean mixture fractions, velocity vectors, mixture fractions, and temperature contours were investigated. The current numerical findings were compared with existing experimental results to validate the simulation approach. The results showed that the primary air swirl number had a remarkable influence on the flame length at a lower primary air inlet annulus diameter ratio of 2.3. Moreover, the flame length increased by 20% and 6% with increasing the swirl number from zero to one for primary air inlet annulus diameter ratios of 2.3 and 5, respectively, and it also increased by 19% with increasing primary air inlet annulus diameter ratio from 2.3 to 5.
doi:10.3390/pr8020159 fatcat:lpbryu6q5nadfate43wteusqle