Photometric analysis of the structure evolution on the Pb-19.4%Sn melt surface in the S-L temperature range

V.A. Yermishkin, N.A. Minina, M.M. Lyakhovitskii, V.V. Roshchupkin
2011 EPJ Web of Conferences  
The structure evolution of alloys in solidification range is considered as the first-order phase transformation from the solid state to the liquid one, which occurs by the mechanism of nucleation and growth of more symmetrical phase to less symmetrical crystalline phase. The kinetic regularities of this transformation are studied by the method of the photometric analysis of structure images (PHASI), which makes it possible to establish the temperature dependence of the relationship between the
more » ... onship between the solid and liquid phases and their distribution on the melt surface. The PHASI method is based on the combined analysis of the brightness spectra of the visible light reflections from the sample surface and of the distribution of its scattering centers in different intensity intervals. The data on the structure evolution of the Sn+19.4%Pb alloy upon melting and solidification were considered in parallel with the measured spectra of sound signals. It was revealed that a distinct maximum is observed in the temperature dependence of radiation energy in the temperature range of phase transformation from the liquid into the solid state and hot crack formation occurs near the transition zone in the region of the contact of the ingot with the crucible.
doi:10.1051/epjconf/20111501025 fatcat:cuwf6etvobcrhhcqhuunyimy6e