Development and Validation of Nusselt Number Correlations for Mixed Convection in an Arc-Shape Cavity

2019 International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology  
The analytical study has been performed to investigate the combined effects of lid movement and buoyancy force parameter on mixed convective flow in an arc-shape cavity. The dimensional analysis based on Buckingham π-Theorem is used in the present study. It results in correlations for Nusselt number in terms of non dimensionalized parameters, viz. Re, Pr, Gr, θ etc. The correlations developed are validated against the experimental data of horizontal arc- shape cavity and numerical data of
more » ... rical data of inclined arc-shape cavity obtained from open literature. The correlation developed in the present study for horizontal arcshape cavity is valid for wide ranges of Re varying from 30 to 1500 and Gr from 0 to 107. In inclined arc-shape cavity it is valid for Re varying from 30 to 1500, Gr from105 to 107 and inclination angle from 150to 600.The close agreement in the comparison between predicted results by correlation developed in the present study and reported Nu correlation shows the validity of the correlation.
doi:10.35940/ijeat.a9646.109119 fatcat:5epiutfvxjb6zpv7jii7u4yjwq