Stability of Water Soluble Antioxidants in Cattle Blood Collected in Different Media

FMF Hayajneh, NA Abdellatif
2014 Bangladesh Journal of Veterinary Medicine  
The study was carried out to compare between different media used to preserve blood samples taken in the field, and to determine in which of these media is the water soluble antioxidative capacity (ACW) is most stable, because sometimes it takes long time for the blood samples taken in the field to be transported to the laboratory where different biochemical tests are made, in this time during transport the samples underly many factors that have an effect on the content of the samples under
more » ... e samples under study like light, temperature, and time itself. Also the effect of centrifugation was tested to see weather direct or delayed centrifugation has an effect on the water soluble antioxidative capacity of the blood.There are no studies related directly to choosing the proper medium for preserving blood samples when the water soluble antioxidative capacity will be tested. In this study the highest values were achieved using serum samples, and this was the reason why serum tubes were chosen in the rest of the study.In this study four different media were tested, and compared with each other, the measured ACW values in the different media were arranged as follows:serum>NaF-LiH>LiH> EDTA.
doi:10.3329/bjvm.v12i1.20461 fatcat:xpjilqcci5c4nddjzxs2pfzsf4