Amaranth: An Ancient and High-Quality Wholesome Crop [chapter]

Dinesh Adhikary, Upama Khatri-Chhetri, Jan Slaski
2020 Nutritional Value of Amaranth [Working Title]  
Amaranth was a staple of the Aztec diet and is described as a "superfood" in part because of its high protein content and well-balanced amino acid profile. In terms of nutrient content, amaranth surpasses many staple crops such as rice, corn, and wheat. Additionally, lysine content is twice as much than in rice and thrice as much than in corn. Along with desirable agronomic traits, this crop has been hugely applauded for its gluten-free nature. Not only can it benefit vegan and gluten allergy
more » ... nd gluten allergy personals, but it also has the potential to supply high-quality proteins and at the same time provides antimicrobial activities in the packaged food items. Despite all of these properties, this crop is still not in the mainstream cultivation practices in North America and in many parts of the world. As the planet is expecting massive increase in human population and global climate change, we firmly believe that this widely distributed, ancient, protein-rich pseudo-cereal has a potential to augment our food system. In this book chapter, we aim to report the nutritional properties of grain amaranth.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.88093 fatcat:55ol5nv7vjhpzonup2tukhm7ye