Immunocytochemical demonstration of estrogen receptors by monoclonal antibodies in human breast cancer: correlation with estrogen receptor assay by dextran-coated charcoal method

E Marchetti, P Querzoli, B Moncharmont, I Parikh, A Bagni, A Marzola, G Fabris, I Nenci
1987 Cancer Research  
Immunocytochemical demonstration of estrogen receptors in 115 human breast cancer specimens was performed using mouse monoclonal antibodies against estrogen receptor and avidin-biotin as the displaying system. The antibody indicated a highly heterogeneous endowment of neoplastic cells with estrogen receptor at both nuclear and cytoplasmic levels. The percentage of labeled cells within each tumor specimen was recorded to compare this immunocytochemical assay with the biochemical assay of
more » ... receptors by the dextran-coated charcoal method. A significant correlation was observed between these two assays. The present results show that estrogen receptors can be confidently demonstrated at the single cell level, thus providing additional information to quantitative biochemical assays. Their prognostic and therapeutic predictive powers may be usefully integrated, particularly in view of the heterogeneous distribution of receptors among cancer cells.
pmid:2436766 fatcat:s67m3bk7ubgknag4yhgwhriiq4