Rochim Cahyono, Zahrul Mufrodi, Arif Hidayat, Arief Budiman
2016 unpublished
Biodiesel is one of the key products to avoid the world energy crisis in the future. As by product of biodiesel production, glycerol should be utilized effectively to enhance the competitiveness of overall biodiesel production. In this study, the development of solid catalyst based on the abundant natural resources, zeolite was investigated. The performance testing of catalyst product in the glycerol acetylation were also evaluated at different temperature and compared with other commerical
more » ... ther commerical catalyst. Natural zeolite was activated with strong acid (H2SO4) and impregnated with ZrOCl2.8H2O at 80 0 C. Based on XRD analysis, the crystalline structure of zeolite was not damaged during the process and the impurities were decreased. The BET surface area of zeolite catalyst increased during activation process from 54.318 m 2 /g to 172.45 m 2 /g. The Zr-Zeolite catalyst has been tested on the glycerol acetylation with acetic acids for triacetin production. The calculation of triacetin selectivity and glycerol conversion was done based on Gas Chromatography analysis. The results of triacetin selectivity and glycerol conversion are 26% and 94.3%, respectively for reaction temperature 110 0 C and 30 minute. By comparison to other commercial catalyst such as Amberlyst-15 and K-10, the catalyst offered higher selectivity and product.