Effect of Oral Administration of Maltitol on Human Serum Composition

Noriko IITOYO, Sachiko MORIUCHI, Norimasa HOSOYA
1974 Eiyo To Shokuryo  
Effect of maltitol administration on serum component was observed in the five normal volunteers (male adults). Maltitol was given in the early morning in a dosis of 0.5 gm per kg body weight with 100 ml /water, and also for 7 days and 30 days. Diarrhoea was not observed in this maltitol administration. Blood glucose was increased as 20 percent in three volunteers one hour after the maltitol administration. However, level of plasma maltitol was 1.08 mg/dl (0.66-1.52). No change was observed in
more » ... e was observed in the total protein, A/G ratio, electrophoretical protein fractions, Tymolflocculation test, zinc sulfate test, chepharin cholesterol flocculation test, cholesterol, creatinin, urea nitrogen, uric acid, sodium, potassium, phosphate, chloride, ferrus, alkali phosphatase, acid phosphatase, cholinesterase, serum amylase, GOT, GPT, lactic dehydrogenase and leucine amino-peptidase. From these results, it is concluded that maltitol administration will not provide any effect on serum components in a dosis except causing diarrhoea. (
doi:10.4327/jsnfs1949.27.77 fatcat:zzzq7htwjza6tbcdjnh3a4lgx4