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1921 Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry  
t'01. SL., S O . 15.1 REVIEW. 205 R I d l e Z~'ibre.-Tlicrc Iins rcccntly bccn R rcvivcd dcmnnd for this fibm, which is similar to sisal, bnt of J o w r grndc, nnd is prodiiccd in tho iiortlicrn Stntes of I\lcsico. 0rdin:iry istlo is usctl for iii:ilring irifcrior cordngo nnd for mnttinn ctc. ; tho ' I tnln " or root istlc (:i~so lillo\vli ns '%:inipico '1) is iisc(1 for innking stiff bridles. Tlic pricc of istlo is iisiinllg nbont 1 ccnt pcr. Ib. Ims tlinli that of sisn1.-(U. S. C'om. l l e p
more » ... . S. C'om. l l e p . , ilfctg 12,1921.) The Java Sugnr Crop in 192O.-T11c total production of siignr i n J:irn i n rcccnt ycnrs has Iiccn ns follorvs: 1918, l,'i99,600 tons; 1919, 1,264,800 t.; 1920, 1,609,200 t.; tlic cstiiiioto for 1921 is 1,67~,ooO t. Most OF tho 1920 crop wns sold c:~rIy in tlic ycnr a t
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