A DEMATEL Method to Analyze the Barriers of Supply Chain Management in Food Processing Industry

2019 International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology  
In food processing industry, implementation of supply chain management (SCM) is confronting and complex one by involving different barriers because if affects the performance of organization. If some barriers are noticed, observed and recognized it can be reduced. The objective of the paper is to recognize the barriers by risk assessment. Risk assessment in an industry can help supply chain managers to choose effective decision of the problems. This research proposes a case study conducted on
more » ... tudy conducted on the leading food processing industry in southern region of India. In this paper, to analyze the barriers by using hybrid multi-criteria decision making method like Decision making trial and evaluation laboratory (DEMATEL). Barriers collected from the literature survey were used to evaluate the most influential barriers of supply chain management with the assist of industrial experts. The suggested framework was validated with case industry and the results are compared with the existing literatures and comments from experts. Also, this paper finishes with an assessment of own drawbacks beside the identification of useful managerial implications; it depicts future developments possible in the process of supply chain management in the context of India.
doi:10.35940/ijeat.a1035.1291s419 fatcat:3f2j723uqvgu7boen5lnygw2xm