Women in academic profession and male domination

Marta Tomic
2010 Sociologija  
This paper presents a case study of women in the academic teaching profession in the context of the Criminal Police Academy, a Belgrade higher education institution of a typically male-dominant type. The aim of the paper is to describe and analyze women's current position and upward career mobility, as well as to discover the causes and mechanisms limiting their weaker (slower) professional recognition. Multiple case method was deployed, on the basis of data collected from various sources:
more » ... rious sources: relevant literature on gender inequality of women in the academic profession, official documents of the institution in which the study was conducted, and personal life stories of women research subjects taken through in-depth semi-structured interviews. The results indicate that women who are part of a masculine climate in their academic teaching profession and in their personal life, are arguably in a subordinate position compared to men, and accept their position as quite natural. The research was limited to six typical cases, so that the conclusions may be generalized only with the greatest care; however, researchers who are interested in checking the study's objectivity and validity are provided with the adequate basis for further testing. The research shows that personal perspectives and testimonies of women can contribute to a deeper understanding of their disadvantage in academia, while at the same time contributing to the sociology of the "individual" and the "qualitative" by expanding the database on gender issues.
doi:10.2298/soc1002181t fatcat:dc3lpelua5fdznldft2e2wnkfe