UV-triggered syndrome of Gougerot-Carteaud - mechanical damage or immunological reaction

Sonya Marina, Kristina Semkova, Dimitrina Guleva, Jana Kazandjieva
2013 Scripta Scientifica Medica  
Papillomatosis papulosa confluens reticulata et pigmentata is a rare dermatosis that presents clinically with pigmented, papillomatous, hyperkeratotic plaques with central confluence and reticulated peripheral pattern. The etiology remains unclear but current data points to a keratinization defect as the main pathological mechanism. There is one case report in the literature of a UV-induced Papillomatosis papulosa confluens reticulata et pigmentata. We present a 16-year old patient with
more » ... atient with clinical and histological diagnosis of confluent and reticulated papillomatosis. The characteristic lesions involved sun-exposed areas and developed after intense sun exposure. As an etiologic factor, ultraviolet light may lead to mechanical epidermal damage and further keratinization modification. On the other hand, in the setting of genetically predetermined resistance to UV-immunosuppression mechanisms, the newly formed epidermal antigens could potentially trigger an immune reaction resulting in skin eruption.
doi:10.14748/ssm.v45i4.241 fatcat:ckxrv5brurdtxi6zwkkp5tpi3a