Re-ADP: Real-Time Data Aggregation with Adaptive ω-Event Differential Privacy for Fog Computing

Yan Huo, Chengtao Yong, Yanfei Lu
2018 Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing  
In the Internet of Things (IoT), aggregation and release of real-time data can often be used for mining more useful information so as to make humans lives more convenient and efficient. However, privacy disclosure is one of the most concerning issues because sensitive information usually comes with users in aggregated data. Thus, various data encryption technologies have emerged to achieve privacy preserving. These technologies may not only introduce complicated computing and high communication
more » ... overhead but also do not work on the protection of endless data streams. Considering these challenges, we propose a real-time stream data aggregation framework with adaptive ω-event differential privacy (Re-ADP). Based on adaptive ω-event differential privacy, the framework can protect any data collected by sensors over any dynamic ω time stamp successively over infinite stream. It is designed for the fog computing architecture that dramatically extends the cloud computing to the edge of networks. In our proposed framework, fog servers will only send aggregated secure data to cloud servers, which can relieve the computing overhead of cloud servers, improve communication efficiency, and protect data privacy. Finally, experimental results demonstrate that our framework outperforms the existing methods and improves data availability with stronger privacy preserving.
doi:10.1155/2018/6285719 fatcat:ewk53n7nkna27efpytktnl232q