Poisoning by Croton Oil

1868 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
spite my judgment, I could hardly refuse to participate. Four days, however, after the amputation, numbness, and, afterwards, severe pain were felt on right side, both below and above the knee, which continued till death, two days afterwards. At the autopsy, the right external iliac artery was found plugged by a recent fibrinous clot ; and upon the left side, the femoral artery and some of the arteries below the knee, were filled with old fibrin, discolored by blood. The coeliac artery was
more » ... iac artery was completely closed by old fibrin, the clot projecting slightly into the cavity of the vessel and having a ragged look, as if a " prolonged thrombus," as Virchow calls it, had been broken off. Rather more than an inch above this was a second old clot, half an inch long, and less than two lines in width. This last was attached by one extremity, and hung off into the cavity of the aorta, but no vessel could be seen from which it had protruded. The aorta generally was very much diseased. Case II.-A peculiar form of Uterine Polypus.-The patient is a widow, aged 44, who has had several children, and who, for three years, had had a constant, but not
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