La propiedad según Juan Quidort de París y Egidio Romano / Ownership According to John Quidort and Giles of Rome

Ricardo M. GARCÍA
2015 Revista Española de Filosofía Medieval  
John Quidort considers individual work, among other activities, the most suitable form of appropriation. Giles of Rome seems to share this view but, in contrast to John's opinion, he claims that all possession is legitimate only when the owner is baptized, i.e., when he is part of the Church community. This view depends on Giles's political thought, that the temporal order should be subordinated to the ecclesiastical order. John, on the other hand, when referring to the independence of the two
more » ... endence of the two powers, considers work and other activities independent from the Church, although linked to Christian ethics.
doi:10.21071/refime.v22i.6219 fatcat:khmeqxvpy5c25kamzrpcu6ilni