Local Tissue Damage in Cows after Intramuscular Administration of Preparations Containing Phenylbutazone, Flunixin, Ketoprofen and Metamizole

S. Pyörälä, T. Laurila, S. Lehtonen, S. Leppä, L. Kaartinen
1999 Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica  
Pyiirili S, Laurila T, Lehtonen S, Leppi S, Kaartinen L: Local tissue damage in cows after intramuscular administration of preparations containing phenylbutazone, f1unixin, ketoprofen, and metamizole. Acta Vet. Scand, 1999,40, 145-150. -Tissue irritation after intramuscular injections of 4 nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents was studied in 5 lactating cows. Preparations containing phenylbutazone, f1unixin, metamizole (dipyrone) and ketoprofen were investigated; physiological saline was used
more » ... l saline was used as a control substance . Tissue reactions at the injection sites were examined by palpation and by determining serum creatine kinase . A kinetic method based on creatine kinase released from the injured muscle tissue was used, which allowed estimation of the amount of damaged muscle . The metamizole preparat ion clearly provoked signs of pain in all the cows. After f1unixin and phenylbutazone injections slight reactions were observed, and ketoprofen and saline did not cause any clinical signs. Some palpatory findings after injections were found for all the preparations except saline. Based on serum creatine kinase, the 2 most irritating preparations were the ones containing f1unixin and phenylbutazone. After injections of these 2 substances, the estimated amount of damaged muscle was about 80 grams. The statistical difference between f1unixin and phenylbutazone and the other 2 preparations was significant. Physiological saline had no effect on serum creatine kinase. For preparations containing phenylbutazone and f1unixin, intravenous administration is recommended. bovine; creatine kinase; nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents; muscle damage; local tolerance.
doi:10.1186/bf03547031 fatcat:eiyuj7epjfhz5abil4pnxro3ey