Phrasenkomposita zwischen Wortsyntax und Lexikon

Jörg Meibauer
2003 Zeitschrift für Sprachwissenschaft  
1fi) Phrasal compounds like Itoldyouso attitude orpipe andslipper husbandare complex ". words with phrases in modifier position. While Lieber (1988, 1992) argues that phrasal compounds provide evidence for a syntactic approach to word formation, Wiese (1996) holds that this is not true because the modifier is quotational. A related approach is put forward by Gallmann (1990) , who views phrasal compounds äs )|, nominal compounds, the phrase being converted into a noun. With a focus on the :
more » ... iption of German phrasal compounds and the notion of citation, several Problems with these approaches are pointed out. Starting from the observations that Vl j*the quotational approach cannot handle typical cases of non-sentential modifiers '•"jiiand that most phrasal modifiers are fixed expressions drawn from the lexicon, a f mixed approach to the formation of phrasal compounds is sketched which avoids the jjjpitfalls of the syntactic and the linear approach. The paper concludes with some n ( bservations on the productivity of phrasal compounds and on the quotational 11 inction of sentential modifiers.
doi:10.1515/zfsw.2003.22.2.153 fatcat:bztbnysvtvh77lixjfezxnzvty