m[sub π] and N[sub c] dependence of ρ and σ mesons from unitarized chiral perturbation theory

G. Ríos, C. Hanhart, J. R. Peláez
We review the N c and m π dependence of the ρ(770) and σ (or f 0 (600)) resonances generated with the Inverse Amplitude Method. The σ N c behavior is at odds with being dominantly aqq state, but there is a hint of a subdominantqq component with a mass above 1 GeV. We find fair agreement with lattice results for the chiral extrapolation of the ρ mass, and that the ρππ coupling is almost m π independent whereas the σππ coupling depends strongly on m π .
doi:10.1063/1.3575125 fatcat:vlbnt3oc6feoxn42gwbytdbsku