Drought risk assessment of China's mid-season paddy

Yongdeng Lei, Jing'ai Wang, Lili Luo
2011 International Journal of Disaster Risk Science  
China has the world's largest population and a large and critically important agricultural sector. Sixty-five percent of the Chinese population lives on paddy rice. However, drought disasters frequently afflict China's rural population and threate n its food security. It is therefore of paramount importance to assess the drought risk of paddy in China. We establish a quantitative risk assessment model for the drought risk of mid-season paddy and regional-specific vulnerability curves, evaluate
more » ... y curves, evaluate the drought risk of mid-season paddy, and compile a series of risk maps. The drought disaster risk rating results indicate that risk is highest in Northeast China, followed by Northwest China, North China, and South China, showing a decreasing trend from north to south. The mid-season paddy area of Northeast China has the highest mean risk index (0.58-0.71), followed by northwestern provinces such as Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang (0.5-0.6), while risk indices in provinces of North China such as Hebei and Shandong range from 0.3-0.5, and the southern provinces show a relatively low level of risk. This article presents the preliminary results of a scientific inquiry on where the high drought risk areas of mid-season paddy are and how high the risk is. These results provide a regional-specific basis for drought risk governance of paddy in China.
doi:10.1007/s13753-011-0009-4 fatcat:z2ol4g6oevd23fezlurity26lm