Teachers' responses to children in emotional distress: A study of co-regulation in the first year of primary school in Norway

Elin Marie Frivold Kostøl, David Lansing Cameron
2020 Education 3-13: International Journal of Primary, Elementary and Early Years Education  
The purpose of this study was to explore how first-grade teachers respond to pupils in emotional distress within the framework of co-regulation. Coregulation in this context refers to an adult-child interactive process that supports children in learning to regulate their emotions. We conducted focus group interviews at four primary schools in southern Norway using video clips as prompts to initiate discussions about children's emotions and teachers' responses to them. Findings indicate that
more » ... s indicate that teachers' use many of the skills indicative of co-regulation, such as providing affirmation of children's emotions and modelling self-regulation. However, discussions within two of the focus groups were strongly dominated by attention to pragmatic solutions to resolve the conflicts as quickly as possible, which may reduce opportunities for co-regulation. This position poses a challenge with respect to the need for warm, trusting relationships based on an expectation that young pupils' emotional needs will be met.
doi:10.1080/03004279.2020.1800062 fatcat:dptxo5o5wngyjoyuhv3ssunsia