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The Editor earnestly requests that librarians and others will send to him early and accurate information as to all local Library doings. The briefest record of facts and dates is all that is required. In course of time " Library Notes and News" will become of the utmost value to the historian of the Public Library movement, and it is therefore of the highest importance that every paragraph should be vouched for by local knowledge. Brief written Paragraphs are better than newspaper cuttings.
more » ... paper cuttings. ABERDEEN.-Miss Maud Storr Best and Miss Margaret Cooper Salmond have been appointed sub-librarians in the Aberdeen University Library. ALYTH.-The Loyal Library at Alyth, which owes its existence to the late Captain Ogilvy, of Loyal, who left his valuable library to the inhabitants, together with .£500 for its maintenance, is being provided with a new building. BELFAST : LINEN HALL LIBRARY.-Many important additions have recently been made to the collection of Belfast printed books and of works illustrative of Ulster history, and a grant has been made by the trustees of the British Museum of the 317 parts already issued of the general catalogue of printed books in the British Museum Library. The public, as well as the subscribers to the Linen Hall Library, will have access to this catalogue. BLACKBURN.-An interesting bas-relief, representing modern thinkers and writers, has just been fixed in the Blackburn Free Library. It is executed by Mr. G. W. Scale, and is a comparison to one already in the library. The ancient panel represents : Moses (early literature), Homer (ancient poetry), Plato (philosophic teaching), Chaucer (early English poetry), Shakespeare (drama), Milton (epic poetry), Bacon (early English philosophy), Sir Isaac Newton (science), and Sir Walter Scott (light literature). In the modern panel, nine figures are represented, with suitable symbols in low relief. Macaulay stands for modern history, Thackeray and Dickens modern fiction, Browning and Tennyson modern poetry, Ruskin and Carlyle criticism, and Owen and Darwin contemporary science. In the centre of the panel is the Temple of the Muses, an altar surmounted with the flame of inspiration. BRIERLEY HILL.-The Free Library Committee have decided to obliterate the sporting intelligence from the newspapers in the reading-at University of California, San Diego on June 9, 2015 Downloaded from
doi:10.1093/library/s1-6.1.403 fatcat:cx4bzhla4fcubdqhfbkwmk6guu