Microstructure Evolution and Properties Tailoring of Rheo-Extruded Al-Sc-Zr-Fe Conductor via Thermo-Mechanical Treatment

Di Tie, Yu Wang, Xiang Wang, Renguo Guan, Lufei Yan, Jin Zhang, Zhihui Cai, Yang Zhao, Fei Gao, Haifeng Liu
2020 Materials  
Low-cost heat-resistant Al-Sc-Zr-Fe conductor wires were successfully manufactured by continuous rheo-extrusion process, and the mechanical and conductive properties of the materials were analyzed and compared after three different thermo-mechanical treatment methods. The coarse plate-shape Al3Fe phase transformed to small sized rod-like phase after solid solution treatment at 630 °C for 21 h. Direct aging treatment at 300 °C for 24 h led to the refinement and spheroidization of Al3Fe phase
more » ... of Al3Fe phase with a diameter of 200 nm. After the subsequent aging treatment at 300 °C for 24 h, the tensile strength and conductivity of the alloy wire significantly increased due to the homogeneous precipitation of the coherent spherical Al3(Sc, Zr) phase with an average size of 15 nm. The tensile strength, elongation, and conductivity of the alloy conductor wire after optimized thermo-mechanical treatment reached 165.7 MPa, 7.3%, and 60.26% International Annealed Copper Standard (IACS), respectively. The thermal resistance of the present alloy wire was superior to that of standard AT1 type alloy conductor according to IEC international standard.
doi:10.3390/ma13040845 pmid:32069823 fatcat:zj4crdyoera6lgwhb7ztzy3vgi