A Case of Multiple Myeloma Associated with Multifocal Osteosclerosis (Multiple Myeloma with Osteosclerosis)

Seon-Ah Jin, Seung-Woo Baek, Ik-Chan Song, Gaw-Won Yun, Yung-Joon Yang, Hyo-Jin Lee, Hwan-Jung Yun, Jin-Man Kim, Deog-Yeon Jo, Samyong Kim
2009 The Korean Journal of Hematology  
Osteosclerotic myeloma is a rare entity, characterized by single or multiple osteosclerotic bone lesions and usually accompanied by a polyneuropathy syndrome (POEMS). Multiple myeloma with osteosclerotic lesions without polyneuropathy is exceedingly rare. We report a case of multiple myeloma associated with multifocal osteosclerotic lesions without any evidence of POEMS. A 48-year-old woman presented with incidentally found osteosclerosis of 8th thoracic vertebra on a plain chest film. Bone
more » ... hest film. Bone survey, CT scan, MR scan, and radioisotope scintigraphy revealed multiple localized osteoclerosis; serum protein immunofixation showed IgG, lambda monoclonal gammopathy. A biopsy of T8 vertebral body disclosed plasma cell myeloma. Given that there was no organ or tissue damage other than multifocal osteosclerosis, the patient was placed on close observation with regular examination. This case indicates that although rare, multiple myeloma should be included in the differential diagnosis of sclerotic bone lesions. (Korean J Hematol 2009;44:188-192.)
doi:10.5045/kjh.2009.44.3.188 fatcat:qfledj2ylzfz5egksgyn7j4fmq