Research on the Quantitative Method of Cognitive Loading in a Virtual Reality System

Jian Lv, Xiaoping Xu, Ning Ding
2019 Information  
Aimed at the problem of how to objectively obtain the threshold of a user's cognitive load in a virtual reality interactive system, a method for user cognitive load quantification based on an eye movement experiment is proposed. Eye movement data were collected in the virtual reality interaction process by using an eye movement instrument. Taking the number of fixation points, the average fixation duration, the average saccade length, and the number of the first mouse clicking fixation points
more » ... g fixation points as the independent variables, and the number of backward-looking times and the value of user cognitive load as the dependent variables, a cognitive load evaluation model was established based on the probabilistic neural network. The model was validated by using eye movement data and subjective cognitive load data. The results show that the absolute error and relative mean square error were 6.52%–16.01% and 6.64%–23.21%, respectively. Therefore, the model is feasible.
doi:10.3390/info10050170 fatcat:5ya6c6653vgdlnjgmudjihr22e