Cleveland Public Schools

1908 The Elementary School Teacher  
The public schools of Cleveland operate under the State School Code which vests their control in a Board of Education. This board consists of seven members elected at the regular municipal elections upon a separate or school ticket, nominations for which are made by political parties or by petition. The period of service is four years and there is no compensation to members, except that by recent enactment they are allowed their actual expenses. The board appoints a director of schools, for a
more » ... of schools, for a period of two years, who has charge of the executive or business department, and a superintendent of schools, for a period of five years, who has charge of the educational affairs of the schools. The Code empowers the superintendent to appoint all teachers, subject to the approval and confirmation of the board. SUPERVISION The system of supervision is centralized, the superintendent's staff consisting of two assistant superintendents whose duties are both supervisory and administrative, a number of supervisors of subjects, and principals who are supervising principals in their respective buildings. The method of supervision is essentially topical, i. e., a given person supervising one or more studies through several or all grades, in some cases with the help of assistants. There are supervisors in charge of each of the following: English, German, arithmetic, geography, and history, substitute teachers, kindergartens, penmanship, music, drawing, manual training, physical training.
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