Reply on RC2 [peer_review]

Veronica Rollinson
2021 unpublished
Interactive comment on "Sources and cycling of nitrogen in a New England river discerned from nitrate isotope ratios" by Veronica R. Rollinson et al. Interactive comment on Biogeosciences Discuss.,, 2020. Anonymous Referee #2 Received and published: 23 December 2020 The authors present a comprehensive study about the nitrogen sources and cycling in a well-studied river and estuary system in New England, USA. They used a complex oneyear data set, including all
more » ... set, including all nitrogen components such as DIN (ammonium, nitrite and nitrate), DON and PN, additional the stable isotopes (15N and 18O) of nitrate including 17N for deposition analysis. The data set contains weekly data from two station, seasonal transects in the river at 15 station, one high resolution short transect, and C1 BGD Interactive comment Printer-friendly version Discussion paper
doi:10.5194/bg-2020-390-ac2 fatcat:brappjq4dnazhafsiktbswdnpe