Trynitarne podstawy eklezjologii komunijnej według Wacława Hryniewicza OMI

Radosław Wroński
2016 Roczniki Teologiczne  
A b s t r a c t. Holy mystery of the unity of the Church finds its source in the mystery the unity of the Holy Trinity. Hryniewicz understands the Church as the body of three Persons, which exists thanks to the Trinity and in order to participate in its life. The dogma of the Trinity contains the basis of Christian anthropology. For Hryniewicz, each being has a communional character. Nothing exists outside of the communion, even God himself. Love and the relational character of the Divine
more » ... of the Divine Persons are fundamental features of God's existence. Ontology of the person, according to the communion theologian of Lublin, constitutes the basis of ontology of community. The mystery of the person lies in the fact that it combines in itself and identifies particularity (individuality), relationality and community (Gr. κοινωνία [koinônia]). A person is an existential relationship. "To be," according to Hryniewicz, means "to love." Trinity is a model of diversity, which does not destroy unity but enriches it. To someone could truly be, two conditions have to be satisfied: be oneself and be in a relationship.
doi:10.18290/rt.2016.63.7-6 fatcat:res6z6spgzbqhlbtugufptvhmu