1883 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)  
deter others from a procedure that would have the same result, if not teach them to improve on your methods or avoid your blunders and mistakes. At least I am certain if all operations in this compara¬ tively recent field-abdominal and pelvic surgeryor operations involving the opening of these cavities, were more faithfully and truthfully reported, not only the statistical tables would be more reliable than they are at present, but many might be prevented from encouraging the evident, bold, and
more » ... evident, bold, and often reckless tendency of the present day surgery. The case of ovariotomy is reported because of the evident cause of death aside from the operation ; and the case of hysterectomy specially on account of the errors in diag¬ nosis, and to condemn it and ail similar operations ; and because, as far as my observation extends, and that of several well posted surgical statisticians, it is the first laparohysterectomy ever performed in the State of Kentucky; certainly the first reported.
doi:10.1001/jama.1883.02390190008001b fatcat:uo5rigc2cvharogmcpc3d4tube