Characterisation of fusarium head blight resistance located on chromosome 4A of Triticum macha

A. Steed, E. Chandler, M. Thomsett, J. Carter, S. Faure, P. Nicholson
2017 Plant Protection Science  
Chromosome 4A of Triticum macha carries resistance to Fusarium head blight (FHB). Double haploid lines (DH) of T. macha 4A were used to determine the type of resistance and location of the gene(s). FHB resistance and yield trait data collected over two seasons following spray and point inoculation, indicate that the resistance is of type I and is probably conferred by a single gene. The resistance was mapped with microsatellite markers to a small area of the T. macha 4A chromosome flanked by
more » ... osome flanked by markers gwm 610 and gwm 165. This could greatly facilitate future marker assisted selection work aimed at increasing resistance to FHB in other winter wheat lines.
doi:10.17221/10560-pps fatcat:kh7rf3gcdjbq7dhhlfu5wxsgpi