Anthropic turn to modernity

O. V. Haletskyy
2018 Scientific Messenger of LNU of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology  
The anthropic turn of philosophy appears as a theoretical justification of the transition in the twentieth century from the state-totalitarian regimes to the globalization-information society, demo-liberal regimes and human rights. Since the middle of the twentieth century through so-called new science arises a new process-creative-centric image of the world in what the development of the anthroponomospherical tendency became the so-called socio-cultural paradigm, what is an increase in the
more » ... increase in the conscious-spiritual factors of development. In the justifications of the anthropic principle of Carter, world-formation is concentrated in man as a personified creation of all cosmic, biological and social-spiritual forces, a continuation and continuater of world creation. The idea of a man as a cosmic being, but capable of his reconstruction, is further developed in a wide anthropocosmism. In the special anthropophilosophy of the first half of the twentieth century. The subject of reflection is the explanation and disclosure of the phenomenological meaning and the essence of human existence, the essence of which is that man is an animal, but is able to transcend himself, due to the spirit.
doi:10.32718/nvlvet9122 fatcat:z5awgdfnfbb4pldvgvyvuzmipe